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Free WiFi in JFK Airport

Many Airport authorities including JFK airport are adding Free Wi Fi internet access as a benefit for travelers. Some offer access in the entire airport while others may limit access to specified terminal or waiting areas. In addition, many airline club lounges have instituted their own free wifi access areas. At JFK Airport JetBlue Airways - Terminal 6 - JFK Airport - Jamaica, Queens is the place to be get free wi fi internet access at the airport.

JFK in Top 20 USA Airports Wifi Guide

JFK Airport ranks number 8 in the Top 20 USA Airports Wi Fi guide. Terminals 1 & 8 wi fi service is provide by Concourse and it cost $7.95. Terminals 1, 8, Terminal 4 (Avion Bar, Delancy's). $.12/min additional fee in British Airways Lounges are service by Boingo and it cost $7.95. JetBlue Terminal 6 is free for all wi fi access. New York-JFK

WIFI Internet Access

JetBlue customers traveling through JFK Terminal 6 can use their laptop computers or other wireless enabled devices to access their corporate network, check email, surf the web or download files, all at no charge.

- park yourself near a JetBlue wireless hotspot sign
- you have to set the SSID to "default" or "any"
- accept the Terms & Conditions and you can start surfing
- you will be redirected to jetblue.com for free access to the Internet.

Wi Fi Workarounds

The Boingo network gives you 15 minutes of free internet for every 15 seconds of ads you watch but for some reason this doesn't work with a laptop - the only choices with boingo for a laptop all required some payment (by the hour, by the day, etc.) If a laptop's all you've got maybe try spoofing your browser's identity to pretend you're an iPhone? (MobileSafari is what it might be looking for.) Maybe any mobile browser works.

Here are details on the Wi-Fi hotspot at Hertz - JFK Airport, Bldg 318 Federal Circle, New York, New York, US, .

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Hotels at JFK Airport that Offer WI FI

Doubletree at JFK Airport Offers Free WiFi

The newest Doubletree on the block near JFK Airport in Long Island has just opened and with good news for business travelers: the place has complimentary WiFi. 

We put out the word for airport WiFi tips. Our guide to airports that offer up free 'net access is growing almost every day.

Also, we heard about the free WiFi at Delta's Crown Room club at JFK's Terminal 3. Park yourself near Gate 6, and you should be able to pick up the signal leaking out of the VIP lounge for free.

Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jamaica : Ramada Hotel JFK Airport - Address: Building #144, JFK International Airport

In the News:

Use Wi-Fi on Select American Flights to/from JFK

Today is the day that at least some cross-country business travelers find the holy grail of business travel: in-flight wireless broadband.

American Airlines is the first domestic carrier to offer Wi-Fi Internet access to passengers. The Connexion by Boeing service was available on some overseas flights for a while, before it died in August 2006 after the program spent $1 billion over six years.

The difference: Boeing used a satellite backhaul and had heavy equipment. Heavy on a plane is bad (though that's only part of the reason they're charging you extra for your suitcase). The new gogo service - which will be on all of American's 767-200 planes traveling from New York (JFK airport) to Los Angeles and eventually some flights in and out of San Francisco and Miami as well - is lighter and connects to a series of air-to-ground terrestrial towers using a version of EVDO Rev A technology. gogo is run by Aircell. If it works, maybe it'll be on all flights someday.

American isn't alone in using gogo; Virgin American is also working with the provider to put Wi-Fi on all its jets for a future launch this year. No pricing or other details are yet available. Some Virgin flights already have access points installed, but they're only used by the flight crew.

JetBlue is also trialling an air-to-ground network on a single plane at the moment, called BetaBlue. Any lucky passenger who finds themselves on BetaBlue can try the Wi-Fi. The downside is that it doesn't offer full Web access yet; it's limited to use of Yahoo email and instant messages on laptops, and some services for Blackberrys.

Today's initial run is going to cost passengers nothing to try, but after the official launch in a couple of weeks the price will be $12.95 for flights over three hours long or $9.95 for under three hours. Passengers can use it for unfiltered Web surfing and email, but not VoIP, which probably wouldn't work well anyway.

Users of the iPass hotspot roaming service don't have to pay extra. iPass has a deal in place with gogo so those with iPassConnect Mobile accounts won't have to pay extra.

New York JFK Airport Wi-fi & Internet access at this airport

Terminal 6 (JetBlue Terminal), JetBlue provides free WiFi nearly terminal-wide with pretty regular up-time. Several publicly available power outlets line the top of each of the large circular seating areas in the center of the two "pods" at either end of the terminal. There are also a few scattered outlets along the seats on the ramps leading to the pods., WiFi is also available in the temporary terminal being used until the construction at Terminal 5 is complete.

Terminal 4 main departure gate area, no wifi that I could find and, as I came through the metal detector area, I lost my T-Mobile signal leaving only Cingular. Unfortunately for me that means no data as Orange doesn't appear to work across the Cingular network nor does my T-Mobile 3G card. Reduced to texting I found it hard to believe that this brand, spanking new terminal building is so poorly served for connectivity. Take my advice, stay in the main lounge area until the last minute. BA terminal 7 (i think) no wireless that I could find. 

JFK airport Wi fi Questions

Wondering if there is free WiFi service in Terminal 7 by United Airlines area?


How do I get into the free wi-fi? 
The available networks to him are "free public network" and "T-mobile"

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