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For most people getting to and from JFK airport can be seeing as a real hazard but in fact is quite simple. There are few reliable methods of transportation that are available 24 hours a day 7 days week. Tip: Never take a ride from someone you don't know to or from JFK airport as there are plenty of reports going around about people getting rip off by unlicensed taxi drivers. If you must use a car service or limo service of some sort, always book in advance with a reputable car service or limousine company.

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Airport Service

With airport transfer service between New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut airports, a complete selection of stretch limousines, luxury SUVs and sedans, our Door to Door Airport Limousine Service offers one of the most comprehensive limousine packages available for people traveling from any where in New York City to any of New York City airports.  Relax and leave the driving to us. Contact us today and find out why time and time again we have exceeded our customers expectations.

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7 Passenger Luxury SUV

JFK:  $85

LaGuardia: $70

4 Passenger Sedan

JFK:  $55

LaGuardia: $45

10 Passenger Limo

JFK:  $150

LaGuardia: $120

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Another alternative for those with the cash and little time to spare, is US Helicopter. They operate regularly scheduled flights every hour between Terminal 3 and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. Passengers traveling by helicopter pass through a security checkpoint at the heliport, not at JFK. The flights last 8 minutes and cost $159 each way. The helicopter flies to JFK International Airport only on weekdays, during the day. Weather can determine travel time to JFK Airport, or if the helicopter will fly at all.


JFK is located in the southeast of Queens about 15 miles from Manhattan in NYC.  The two major highway systems serving JFK are the north-south Van Wyck Expressway and the coastal Belt Parkway. Getting to JFK from NYC is a matter of choice, time and budget as you have a multitude of transportation choices available to you. 

Limo To JFK

If you want to be pampered a bit, a private limo might be the way for you to go to JFK Airport.  Limousines are the most luxurious way to travel to JFK Airport. Limo service to JFK offer door-to-door, 24-hour service, on demand.   They're punctual, private, and comfortable.  Like all the other ground transportation to JFK, limos to JFK Airport can be delayed by traffic and weather.  Travel time on a good day is about 70 minutes but the personalized attention is gratifying.  The chic style and prestige of a limo makes this method the choice of those who have extra money to spend. Some limousine services even offer complimentary drinks but choose wisely as if you choose a limousine service based on price alone a lot of the amenities that are so gratifying when using a limousine service can be poor or all together absent..

Car Service To JFK

Car service to JFK is yet another alternative that falls in between a taxi (price wise) and limo (comfort wise). So it might be the best of both worlds. Expect to pay about $55 plus tip and toll if you are in Manhattan going to JFK airport. The limit is usually about 3 to 4 people plus luggage but check with the car service company. Alternatively you can request a luxury SUV that will fit about 6 to 7 passengers plus luggage. Expect to pay about $85 plus toll and tip for a luxury SUV and driver.

This Month's Top Three Airport Limousine Service

Connect directly to a local limousine service for airport transportation. You can also check availability and discounts and make secure reservations with immediate confirmation.

Islip - Long Island MacArthur Airport   Astro Limo - provides non-stop limousine service from any where in Manhattan to all the Tri-State's area airports. Their fleet of limousines include 10 Passenger Lincoln Town Cars, 18 Passenger H2 Hummers and Excursion.
Call For Reservations:  1-877-803-9905
Quality Rating:

  Wiltshire Limousine Service - provides 24 hours limousine service to and from New York City Airports, Westchester and Long Island airports. Their fleet of limousines includes 10 Passenger Lincoln Town Cars, 18 Passenger H2 Hummers and the 2006 Chrysler 300 stretch.
Call For Reservations:   1-800-779-8556
Quality Rating:

Driver To JFK

So why hire a driver to JFK? Well for starters a hired driver / chauffer will speak your language and know how to get to the JFK airport. Hiring a driver to JFK will ensure a safe and timely arrival at your final destination as they know the best route during the day to avoid traffic. Plus you get to avoid standing in line for a taxi and then being shove  into a cab with taxi driver that is tired and smelly.

Driving To JFK

If you're driving  from Midtown Manhattan to JFK Airport, it's fairly simple. The best route is to head for the Queens-Midtown tunnel, go eastbound on the Long Island Expressway, go onto the Grand Central Parkway going east, and shortly thereafter go onto the Van Wyck Expressway going south to JFK Airport.  There are signs directing you to Long-Term Parking.  The cost is about $15 a day. After parking your car, you hop on the AirTrain.  This is a free ride from the Long-Term Parking area to the JFK terminals.  It takes about 11 minutes to get to the terminals from long term parking area.  Traffic delays can add 20-30 minutes to your trip so plan accordingly

Taxi To JFK

New York City's Taxi operated by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, offer a flat rate service of $45 from JFK airport to Manhattan, excluding tips and tolls. After toll and tips expect to pay about $65. This fare only applies from JFK to Manhattan not from Manhattan to JFK. Travel time between JFK and Midtown Manhattan is approximately 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. Consider this your last resort however especially in the summer as a lot of JFK taxi lock air conditioning and are quite uncomfortable. Taxis are available outside terminal Arrivals areas.

Other Transportation To JFK

JFK is connected to New York's subway and commuter rail system by AirTrain. AirTrain makes it possible for travelers to avoid traffic and ride the rails to and from the airport. It stops at all terminals, car rentals, and two subway stations. It is free within the airport and $5 to reach the New York City subway stations outside JFK airport perimeter. You can also use the bus lines that run to from JFK airport. The following New York City buses Q3, Q6, Q7, Q10 and B15 provide free transfers for subway connections. There are also many private bus lines operating express buses to Manhattan, the Hudson Valley, and Long Island. 

Airport To NYC

Now when it comes to going from the airport to NYC the players are the same but the field changes a little. For example, taxi cabs will charge a flat fee of $45 plus tip and toll as mandated by the TLC. If they charge you more than that you can report them to the TLC and have their license suspended. Remember to always pay what is on the receipt and do ask for a receipt if they are charging you more. To avoid the hassle always hire a car service. This way you will always know the price in advance and any negotiations can be done over the phone as oppose to in a crowded street in landscape that you know nothing about.

From Newark Airport To JFK

Located in New Jersey, Newark Airport is 16 miles from midtown Manhattan. If you have to transfer from Newark airport to JFK your best bet is to hire a car service company that provides airport transfer from Kennedy to Newark and vice versa. The cost of going from Newark Airport to JFK varies among company. Be sure to request a quote. Regular taxi cab will simply be too expensive.

JFK Airport To Philadelphia

Limo service or car service from JFK Airport to Philadelphia will run you a pretty penny but considering that you will be in the comfort and space of a limousine with many amenities if might be worth it if you have the money spend. Check out the car service listing found on this web site and request a quote.

An alternative and cheaper method is to use the JFK Express. The JFK Express has a bus service that can be found directly outside the airport which will take you directly from the airport to Penn Station from which can then take the train to Philadelphia. Trains run on a regular basis and reservations are not necessary. The cost of a train to Philadelphia is approximately $45.00. The number for JFK Airport Information is (718)-244-4444. The toll-free phone number for Amtrak is 1-800-USA-RAIL.

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